Homecare and Supported Living UK Market Report 4ed

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What the report covers

  • Market
  • Politics and Regulation
  • Payors
  • Major Providers
  • Investors
  • Staffing
  • Market Potential
  • Appendices
    Key Legislation
    Trade bodies
    Financial Appendix

Who is the report for

  • C-suite professionals working in homecare and supported living providers
  • Local Government and Clinical Commissioning Group commissioners
  • Homecare agencies
  • Directors of Adult Social Services
  • Care advisors
  • Banks and other financial institutions
  • Investors and private equity
  • Long-term care insurance providers
  • Local and national government
  • Care sector trade bodies
  • Lawyers
  • Policy advisors
  • Think tanks
  • Management consultants


What You Get

  • Print package – Single-user Printed Hard Copy
  • Digital package – Multi-user Digital PDF and Microsoft Excel files + Printed Hard Copy

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A comprehensive update of LaingBuisson’s in-depth study into the UK’s homecare and supported living market. Fourth edition. Published 22 October 2021. (415pp).

Resilient in the face of Covid-19 but what next for homecare and supported living?

“There are many positives for this market which make it interesting to potential investors. The first is an ageing population with an increased need for homecare as well as supported living. Furthermore, people have realised that care at home is often safer and more economical than residential care and there is a growing clinical homecare market. There are also some particularly profitable niches, such as clustered homecare, live-in healthcare, franchises, NHS funded complex care and private pay at premium prices.

“Having said that, homecare and supported living is a business where it is difficult to say that success in any given area confers clear competitive advantage. Profitability is driven by location and scale and these findings are underpinned by new research that LaingBuisson has undertaken for this edition of the report. However, what is also clear from the research is that there is a balance to be struck, and the report explores this in more depth.”

William Laing, report author

The fourth edition of LaingBuisson’s Homecare and Supported Living UK Market Report is indispensable reading for anyone involved in this fragmented and complex market. This includes advisors, investors, commissioners and policymakers as well as service providers. Read together with Adult Specialist Care and Care Homes for Older People UK Market Reports, Homecare and Supported Living completes a series which illustrates the state of non-residential and residential care for adults over the age of 18 and gives a comprehensive market picture not found anywhere else.

Written by leading market commentator, William Laing, during the summer of 2021, the report includes fully updated data and market insights regarding the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the sector. It also provides an initial analysis of the likely impact on the homecare and supported living sector of the government’s announcement on 7 September 2021 about new funding for the NHS and social care.

The new report shows the value of the UK market for homecare and supported living to be £10.3 billion (2019/20) and estimates that round 1 million people are in receipt of care. Through the Covid-19 pandemic, the sector showed itself to be resilient in the face of the challenges its faced and the financial impact on most homecare providers was limited. This was down to the remarkable efforts of the people working in the sector, as much as the support of government grants.

The report also includes the findings of new research which looks at how profitability is driven by location and the scale of the provider. It considers the increasing digitisation of homecare and supported living as ‘tech enabled’ providers join the list of market leaders.

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