Patient Acquisition

The key to a successful healthcare business is patient flow. Through our well-established network of online consumer portals and printed treatment and country guides, healthcare providers and destinations can promote themselves directly to patients seeking private healthcare in the UK, or looking to travel for treatment overseas or seeking a second opinion from their clinicians.

Consumer Portals

Our sites attract millions of relevant unique users each year and are aimed at ‘active treatment, service or product seekers’ in the UK private healthcare sector and the medical travel sector - people who are actively seeking a solution to their healthcare needs. The sites show patients how to research a variety of services in, to contact healthcare providers directly, or through our Enquiry Forwarding Service. Our clients range from major hospitals worldwide, to small clinics and individual clinicians seeking to attract domestic and international patients.

Treatment Abroad

Established in 2006, Treatment Abroad was the first medical tourism portal for people seeking information on cosmetic surgery, dentistry, infertility treatment and hospital treatment abroad. Patients can search, compare and enquire to hospitals, clinics and medical tourism agencies worldwide as well as calculating the total cost of travelling, including treatment, travel, accommodation and insurance.

Fertility Treatment Abroad

Aimed at patients seeking fertility treatment in another country. The site provides information on clinic services, success rates, quality standards and staff, and enables infertile couples to search, research and compare the clinics and treatment options online.

Doctor Internet

The leading online resource for Arab patients who are seeking information about travelling overseas for treatment. Visitors to the site benefit from independent and impartial advice and can explore the options available for surgery, dentistry, infertility treatment and cosmetic treatment in countries that offer services for Arab patients.

Private Healthcare

Established in 1997, Private Healthcare UK is the leading online resource for patients seeking information and guidance about private acute medical care in the UK. The site informs patient choice by providing the most relevant information and allowing them to make the right choice of doctor, hospital or clinic.